SoCIAL Lite – Product Launch

SoCIAL Lite – Product Launch


Outreach expertise expands a product’s reach.

SoCIAL Lite turned to Kickin’ Digital to create content and to build their audience for the launch of their health-inspired, mixed vodka drinks in Western Canada. Despite a limited budget, Kickin’ Digital built SoCIAL Lite’s site from scratch, set up all of SoCIAL Lite’s social media platforms, and created all of the related content.

A key part of the social media strategy included identifying a base of potential influencers to provide product reviews, reaching out to them on Twitter, and supplying them with the product. Kickin’ Digital also supported sales and sampling efforts via Twitter to find potential sampling locations and arrange meetings with restaurants and bars.


Kickin’ Digital Provided

Social Platform Set-Up

Content Management

Reputation Management and Social Customer Service

Contest Management


Social Lead Generation


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October 1, 2014