Simply Protein – Newsletter Redesign

Simply Protein – Newsletter Redesign


Encouraging eNewsletter readers to become buyers.

Kickin’ Digital proposed a revamped eNewsletter to Simply Protein to enhance its look and functionality, providing more to customers than just product information and prices.

The new eNewsletter was complemented by two blog articles, related to health and wellness, which highlighted Simply Protein’s commitment to its community, while also showcasing select sale products.

This eNewsletter was strategically created to anticipate customer need by balancing the appropriate amount of content and offers with recipes and health information on the blog. The custom design was successful in

– doubling the click-through rate from roughly 2.5% to 5%;

– increasing the open rate by 5 to 7%;

– providing feedback on subject lines with A/B splits;

– increasing unit sales from an average of 6 per eNewsletter to 90; and

– providing evidence that people were truly reading the newsletter and being convinced to purchase, as the “shop” link, located at the bottom of the page, was the most-often clicked link.


Kickin’ Digital Provided

eNewsletter Design and HTML Coding

Content Management

List Management

eNewsletter Uploading and Deployment


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Posted on

April 15, 2014