Stirling Creamery – Butter Loves BBQ Campaign

Stirling Creamery – Butter Loves BBQ Campaign


Bringing grilling butters to the masses. (You’re welcome.)

The team at Kickin’ Digital do love their BBQ and when we found out that Stirling had a line of grilling butters only available to restaurants, we suspected that the retail consumer might also be interested.

The Butter Loves BBQ campaign was developed to test the market and establish the general consumers’ interest in grilling butters, should Stirling choose to sell them retail.

The campaign focused around a contest to win $1,000 towards a new BBQ, a stack of meat and a year’s supply of grilling butters. There were also random giveaways of grilling butter.

Kickin’ Digital identified six high-end butcher Toronto shops, in which four agreed to host in-store demos. Using Facebook and Twitter over a 3-week period, we posted great grilling recipes using butter and images of butter on the BBQ. We engaged with Facebook groups that focused on BBQ and BBQ aficionados on Twitter, seeking their input, recipes, etc. We also promoted or boosted specific posts on Facebook to help grow our audience.

The numbers for the program were outstanding. The campaign created over 50,000 interactions and had direct engagement with over 500 people. The Stirling Facebook page was able to secure 75 more likes (3.5 per day) and 50 new followers on Twitter (2.3 per day). The contest had 225 entries overall (10 per day).

In addition, the four butcher shop sites provided Stirling with the opportunity to directly engage with another 200 customers, and give away roughly 30 pounds of butter.

The campaign’s huge success identified a new consumer group for this product line in Toronto and Ontario.

Kickin’ Digital Provided

Campaign Idea and Concept

Content Management

Social Media Management

In Store Campaign Executions


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May 29, 2014