What I’ve Learned In The Last Year – 2013

I started Kickin’ Digital in 2010 but dedicated myself to it full time last year.  So we are celebrating Kickin’ Digital turning ONE today! As I hit this milestone I wanted to share some of my thoughts and learnings from the last few years and hope that it helps you... read more

Why Reputation Management Should Be Top of Mind

More than ever being present in the digital space means always having your eye on reputation management and what is being said about your brand. We are constantly learning that handling this key component of your brand  becomes the most important part of your digital... read more

Marketing for Real Estate Agents is Broken

Realtors have it too easy.  Not too long ago, marketing for real estate agents wasn’t too complicated because there were very few realtors with an online presence.  These days there are services available to help them quickly create pre-designed websites, content and... read more

Take Your First Step Towards Social Media Dominance

For all the talk about “community” and “sharing” when it comes to social media, the fact of the matter is that it’s competitive, fast-moving, and at times – downright scary. If you want to build your business online, here’s step one: own your niche. Finding your space... read more

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