I started Kickin’ Digital in 2010 but dedicated myself to it full time last year.  So we are celebrating Kickin’ Digital turning ONE today!

As I hit this milestone I wanted to share some of my thoughts and learnings from the last few years and hope that it helps you get moving on that great idea or service you have to share…

Great Work Makes for More Work

When I started Kickin’ I vowed to always be striving to do great work. I believe that if you produce great results and have happy clients you will always have work. I keep working hard and new opportunities keep coming across my desk. It is nice to believe something and witness it to be true.

Aggressively Change Strategies When You Need To

If I have any regrets from 2013 it was one client’s strategy that I did not change quickly enough. The needle was not moving far enough with finding new leads and I kept hoping that the next milestone would change the outcomes… launching a new website, changing communication methods with customers, more Twitter conversations… these are methods of activation but not really strategies. In the end it was that we were looking at too broad a group of people to activate and should have become hyper focused on some core sectors and really center in on those communities. Target 3-5 smaller, potentially loyal groups and focus in on them.  I learned from this experience and will make changes earlier and react aggressively.


Win or lose, keep smiling. Working for yourself is so liberating. Some days it is scary as hell, some days it is fulfilling, some days it is a lot of slugging… but no matter what keep smiling. It moves you forward, keeps you working, keeps you striving, keeps you motivated… and motivation is a big part of all this.

Surround Yourself With Awesome

I cannot believe how valuable my network is and those people I use for copy, design, development etc. You will be amazed how many people are out there looking to help you by passing business your way, supporting you, checking in on how you are doing.  Why? Cause it energizes you! Being able to pass on business to a friend or winning business someone passes to feels great. And once that business starts and I am able to collaborate with the incredible team that I have, the energy level gets elevated. Surrounding yourself with positive people, hard workers and close friends just helps with that motivation and you finding success.

Entrepreneurial Blood

My Dad was the 1st independent planning advisor in London and started his consultancy in the late 70’s. It was very difficult for him at the beginning and as a family we went through a time where the diet was Kraft Dinner and the heat was on low. But he believed in his business and was fueled by that belief to work tirelessly. He built the business on going the extra mile for the client, being in their corner and winning for them. My Dad counselled me on the highs and lows of running your own business, what to watch for and all the benefits. I took away several teachings but most of all it was work hard and you will find success.

He’s not here to celebrate this milestone but his guidance certainly got me here and for that I am truly thankful. I think we all have the ability to run our own gig, but I know I am one of the lucky ones to have learned from the best!

Hope this helps guide you and have an amazing 2014!